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1. Joining ISM-PRD
How can I join ISM-PRD?
You can join ISM PRD in the following ways:
a. directly via and select to join ISMPRD by completing the registration procedure and payment by credit card. 
b. download the membership application form from for completion, and send it in with your cheque to ISM-PRD. The postal address is B1/F., HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong, to the attention: Admin Officer, ISM Pearl River Delta 
* this procedure may take longer time as ISM-PRD need to register you with ISM in USA. 
Once you join ISMPRD, you will also have the dual membership of USA. 
** Special note: Please make sure that your registered name match the one that you use in your passport or government photo ID with your signature or you may have problem entering into the examination site later on when you register to sit for your CPSM Exams.
For further questions, you may contact Mr. Adolphus Lee, Director for Membership
2. Registering for CPSM exam & certification
Please give me general information on CPSM.
General information about CPSM can be found at the following link:   
Can I get some exemptions when applying for CPSM credential or when taking examinations for CPSM?
CPSM credential must be earned by passing the designated examination(s) and fulfilling required experience and educational qualifications. Basically ISM gives no exemption to the CPSM exam undertakers except that there is a reciprocal recognition of MCIPS from the UK.
Please refer to the message below at ISM website in the USA:

How can I register for the CPSM exam?
You have to go to to register for the CPSM exam.
 After getting a registration number from ISM, you may go to Pearson VUE
 You create your user account with them if you have not done so before,
 then schedule with the Exam Centre in Hong Kong. (which is in    Millennium Plaza, close to Sheung Wan MTR station) You can find out in the website of Pearson VUE on other examination centers around the world providing the providing CPSM exams.
Question: Please tell me what documents are needed for certification after passing the CPSM exam
Basically you need:
  1. the copy(ies) of the official score report(s) issued by the examination centre (e.g. from Pearson VUE if the exam was taken in Hong Kong)
  2. the copy of the transcript or diploma proving the attainment of degree from an accredited educational institution;
  3. the letter(s) from all employer(s) certifying the full time employment and managerial experience of over 3 years
  4. You may refer to the requirement on ism website in more detail:

   How do I apply for certification for the first time?
   a. You have to prepare for the document stated in the question above
   b. You have to fill in the application form for certification, the link is:
   c.. Arrange to pay for the applicable registration fee(by cheque or credit card) as on the application form;
3. On CPSM study materials & study support
How can I purchase CPSM study resources?

a.     you can purchase directly from ISM website in USA by going to the following link and make you selection:
b.     you can purchase through Mr. K.K. Poon, one of our Council Members.
His e-mail address is The courier charge of the materials sent from the US will be waived in return for a small fee. You will have to place order with your payment. Please add 10% or USD10 minimum to the items that you want to order. Please pay in HKD, using the rate HKD7.80=USD1.00. You will have to pay into the company account indicated below and send in a pay-in slip, with your name and phone number for easy tracking and follow up.  Your order should arrive within 10 working days. You will be notified to collect your order upon their arrival. The collection point address is listed as follows:
Name:   Corporate Management Ltd.
Address: 248 Queen's Road East
20/F Room 2005 
Hong Kong
   Telephone: +852 28544292
   Account: Standard Chartered Bank, number: 0003 447 00594356
Payee Name:   Corporate Management Ltd.
Other related query please refer to Mr. KK Poon
Question: Can I buy more than one set of study material?
Answer: You are welcome to buy more than one set.
If I register as an ISM member, would I be able to enjoy the member’s benefit immediately?
Yes, including buying the study resources at the member’s rate.
Please give me information on CPSM study support course in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta region.
ISM-PRD has just finished our CPSM study support programme in February 2011 in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
We are actively planning the next round. At this moment we have not fixed the venue yet. We shall announce once all planning is completed.
Last time we split the study support into 3 parts following the 3 part exam structure of CPSM examinations;



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