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Presidential Note--Quarter 1, 2011

Presidential report to ISM-PRD members – First  Quarter 2011


Dear members and honorable advisors of ISM-PRD,


The recent 9.0 devastating Japanese earthquake with 23 feet tsunami have destroyed areas of Fukushma, killed thousands of Japanese people in a few minutes, particularly worst the Fukushima Dai ichi nuclear power plant has been significantly damaged with huge leakage of radioactive particles spread out globally, contaminating both underground water, ocean and atmosphere. At one side, we all express deep condolence and sympathy to Japanese suffered from this disaster, unavoidability, we as the professional of integrated supply chain have encountered significant challenges with urgency to remedy and fix the shortage of components and raw material exported from Fukushima region particularly in electronics industry. The lesson learnt from integrated supply chain professional is we always need to help our clients to manage the risk of continuity of supply with an excellent mitigation plan. To enhance our team professionalism in risk management of supply chain, ISM-PRD has sponsored IPSHK organizing a seminar on "Strategic Purchasing & Supply Planning for Devastating Disaster" on 30 April 2011, Saturday at IVE, ShaTin.


China economy continues to grow at a good pace with GDP of 9.8 at Q1, 2011 with an alarming inflation pressure at 5%+ recently, exceeding the State Council target of below 4%. China People Bank has increased bank retention fund plus interest rate; it seems the inflation has soft landed to some extent with 0.1% reduction of April inflation compared to March, 2011. Globally, US economy shows a good sign of recovery with some signs of uncertainty, however, for Europe, they are highly unstable particularly for those countries with high debt. Plus the Japanese earthquake impact, it seems the global economy remain highly volatile, but moving in positive direction per latest economic data.  With depreciation of US dollar plus emerging demand of commodities and foods, in addition to supply constraint, cost up pressure is another big headache for procurement professional in 2011. Procurement professionals need to think ahead with resilience and innovative ideas to create extra value of managing cost for your clients. ISM-PRD is working with IVE to organize seminar related to values of procurement team in middle of cost up pressure. Once we have finalized the detail, we will share with you the detail. If there is any suggestion we can be helpful to you, please contact me or our council members.


To support our team in professional development, ISM-PRD council has decided to organize CPSM examination preparation course in both Hong Kong and ShenZhen again this year, from August, 2011 onwardd. Detail of course of logistics and administration will be shared with the team shortly.  I sincerely wish more members and public can get benefit the course, particularly passing the examination to gain the credential of CPSM.


As you aware that ISM will be hosting ISM's 96th Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit at May 15th to 18th at Orlando, Florida, USA. Mr. KK Poon, our council VP will be there and we strongly urge you to consider seriously whether you will attend to capture the best opportunities of networking and learning from your peers and the experts of integrated supply chain. CAPS research has organized a 2011 Annual Asian Executive Roundtable at June 8th and 9th at Shanghai which I think it is another interesting professional event that you can consider to support and attend.


To enhance our communication with our key clients and our community of Pearl River Delta, ISM-PRD council has agreed the program of business partners of ISM-PRD. The business partners can be our member’s corporation, academic institutes and our related professional institutes. We will distribute valuable key information and activity events to their senior management for their kind attention plus sharing with their colleagues and sub-ordinates. With our new web sites of ISM-PRD have been updated with better outlook, we sincerely hope our communication with our members and clients will be improved further.  


Last, but not least important, recently we have re-organized our ShenZhen Chapter team. I am glad that we have appointed Mr. Tome Zhang from IBM to lead the Shenzhen team from professional leaders of IBM, ISBC, Target, Huawei, ZTE, etc. Recently, they have quickly organize an integrated Supply China exchange forum with Rainbow Mart, ShenZhen, owned by China Aerospace Company at June 3rd. Detail of logistics and brochure will be shared with team very soon and I hope you can support the event.


We all know that first quarter is very tough; we sincerely wish you can overcome with a good spirit of success and continue your excellent support to the work of the council. If there is any question, please feel free to contact myself and the council members.


I wish all the best of your health and career development in 2011.









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