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Presidential Note--Quarter 2, 2011

Presidential report to ISM-PRD members – Second Quarter 2011


Dear members and honorable advisors of ISM-PRD:


Time is running very fast, now we are in summer vacation time of 2011. You may be planning with your family as of how to spend your good time in some places to relax and create a lovely memorable family time. I sincerely hope you will have a wonderful time with your family. For your information, your Council did have a good brain storming session recently to understand the current business environment, our latest strategy and what resources we can have to lead ISM-PRD moving forward particularly to tackle challenges of membership subscription, to increase level of exposure and recognition of ISM-PRD in the business community, to attract talent of supply chain professionals to develop their career with accreditation of CPSM (Certified Professional in Supply Management), to look for smarter use of our updated ISM-PRD web site and data base and etc. If you have any opinion on how we should transform ISM-PRD, please feel free to share with me and your Council members.  Also, I would like you to block your busy calendar now for our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on November 26th, 2011 (Saturday afternoon and the dinner) in Hong Kong. As always, we would like to get your strong support in the form of active participation. To enhance this important event, we have invited some interesting and attractive speakers to give some insightful ideas, like how to grow your business and career.


The shocks and disruptions from the recent M9.0 devastating Japanese earthquake with 23 feet high tsunami that destroyed much of the coastal areas in prefectures like Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate, killed thousands of Japanese people in a few minutes, has been somewhat settled through tons of extra efforts by the Japanese and global communities, particularly from the supply chain point of view. We as the supply management professionals have resolved many significant challenges with the urgency to remedy and fix the shortage of parts, components and raw materials from eastern Japan and its nearby regions, especially in electronics industry, with alternative sourcing or shipment expeditions and etc. I am sure our senior management has recognized the importance of supply chain management’s contribution particularly in the supply risk mitigation process.


As the demand and supply is getting more volatile in this rapidly changing global economic environment, supply chain professionals need to keep ourselves up-to-date and be highly skillful in analysis and practices when dealing with information and data. We ISM-PRD will continue to support your needs in terms of training, networking with fellow professionals for knowledge exchange, and provision of latest trend of business data and information.  I am glad that ISM-PRD Council has kicked off the publicity of CPSM examination preparation course both in Hong Kong and Shenzhen again this year. The course is planned to start in August. Details of the course have been shared with you already by e-mails from our part-time Admin Officer Ms. Angela Mak. I sincerely wish our fellow members can show full support, and get benefits from the course particularly for passing the examination to gain the credential of CPSM.


Amid the great recovery from disaster and economic losses in Japan, PMI of USA, Europe and China are moving downward into the recession mode. US economy shows some signs of recovery, but with limited momentum and high unemployment rate. In Europe, the economy is strongly shadowed by the national debt problem of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and recently Italy is added in the list. In Asia, China needs to slow down her economy to fix the inflation problem with a very tight monetary policy, thus creating liquidity problem for many local companies particularly the real estate developers. Incorporating the Japanese earthquake impact, it seems the global economy has slowed down from June onward after a reasonable rebound of demand and supply during the first half of 2011. Nevertheless, commodity prices remain close to all time high after some recent soft dipping. I can say this upward cost pressure could mean corrosion of net margin that continues to be a big headache for the senior management; without doubt, in 2011 it is again time for procurement professionals to demonstrate our values to the company.  


Recently, some of our members and Council members had the chance to exchange ideas with the senior management of Rainbow Mart and be given a good tour of one of their high-end malls in Shenzhen. We had an excellent professional exchange particularly in B2C process, and the latest business ideas in this field were also shared by IBM team in the same occasion. According to the feedbacks we received, members liked the visit very much and appreciated particularly the kind hospitability of Rainbow Mart’s senior management. I have attached some good photos for your reference.  As planned, we are working on the visit to BYD, and incorporate professional knowledge exchange in supply chain management like last time. I sincerely wish you can provide the same high level of support as before to ISM-PRD. 


Your Council have decided to set up the formal process of business partners with our key clients and our business community in Pearl River Delta region. The business partners can be our member’s corporations, academic institutes and related professional institutes, as well as individuals.  We intend to distribute valuable key information, our plans on professional activities and other events to senior management of our business partners for their own attention and sharing with colleagues and sub-ordinates. The website of ISM-PRD has been refined with a better structure and layout. We sincerely hope that in the time to come, the revamped website will allow you to communicate more professionally with your Council and the community of Pearl River Delta region and get more useful information, including job vacancy information, job seeker support, hyperlinks of our business partners and etc.


This second quarter was very tough. However, I am convinced that you have overcome a lot of challenges and earned much recognition from your senior management. I congratulate you and wish you all the best in your career.   


I am attaching some photos showing the recent key events of ISM-PRD for your reference.


I wish you are enjoying your happy and safe outings in summer time with your family.


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