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Presidential report–Quarter 3, 2011

 Presidential report to ISM-PRD members – Third Quarter 2011


Dear members and honorable advisors of ISM-PRD,


Before I brief you of news in this quarter, I would like to request your help in blocking your calendar to attend the institute’s important event:  annual General meeting with a business conference under the theme “ Meeting business challenges in 2012” .This annual event will be held after noon of 26th ­­­­­November,2011 at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. After intensive preparation, we are all ready to hold a good meeting and network dinner for you and are very eager to see you there. We are honored to have Mr. Kenith Poon, CPO of Johnson Control and Mr. Allen Lam, CEO of Sengital to share with us on how to overcome business challenges in today’s tough business environment. Mr. KK Poon will share with us his experience and latest information granted in Annual conference of ISM US this year. I need your help and support! Please register now with our administrative officer Ms. Angela Mak if you have NOT yet done so.


We all agree that last quarter was a very turbulent period for global business community. Global economic crises happened one after the other. European country federal debit is very problematic now as the crisis has spread from “4 pigs” to Italy and French. With a lot of uncertainty and high unemployment rate, US economic recovery is very sluggish. These have triggered a lot of dissatisfaction and protest in the community. In China, high inflation rate has tightened the macro-economic policy significantly particularly in lending of banking, creating major cash problem in small and medium-sized enterprises. Coupled with Thailand flooding problem, Japanese manufacturing segments are facing another even bigger problem of shortage of components and economic slowdown. In the following quarter of 2011, it seems very clear that the global economy is declining especially for the manufacturing and trading business in China/Hong Kong. Looking at the economic prospect of 2012, there seems to be a lot of pessimistic projection. US, China, Japan, Europe PMI fluctuating between 50 up and down indicates a slowdown sign in global economic growth.


As professionals in supply chain, we need to react to the emerging changes and opportunities with a good adaptive ability to support and enable your company to overcome challenges ahead. As margin is corroding, the value adds of procurement will become so important to capture the best saving opportunities for your company, improving the bottom line as much as possible. As commodity and food pricing is very volatile, the intelligent process to manage the inventory level versus demand is a good subject for study, research and cost management with strategic actions. Flexibility is another opportunities and challenge for procurement as demand and supply is highly unstable and your company will like to capture all possible business opportunities in tough business environment.  As the president of ISM-PRD, I deeply believe continuous education and on job training is a must goo way for you to develop better capabilities in addition to your hard work and intelligence. The recent announcement of ISM on the new credential “Certified Supply Management (CSM)” is another opportunity for non-degree holders beside CPSM. 


To further enhance our capability to provide professional training to our team, the council has decided to outsource the administration process to professional consultancy firm at both Hong Kong and ShenZhen to speed up our process of offering. With their support, we are looking forward to offering you more opportunities of training in addition to what we will organize.


For team awareness, our team did have a good visit of DHL Hong Kong & an excellent satellite seminar on client satisfaction of procurement team, and Mr. KK Poon, on behalf of ISM-PRD, attended ISM Annual Meeting at Orlando, USA and ISM Japan Annual General Meeting at Tokyo at Oct, 2011.


Also, very importantly, we are founding member of FASMA which has formed recently during the ISM Japan AGM meeting in Tokyo in October, 2011. There will have a good team member again in April, 2012 to discuss among the teams, ISM-PRD, CFLP, SMIT, Philippines team, ISM Korea, ISM Japan, etc..I will update team if there is more news to the federations. Mr. KK Poon, Mr. KM Wong and I will attend SMIT AGM in Taiwan in early December this year.


Now, we are approaching the end of fourth quarter quickly and I understand you still have a lot of jobs to perform to conclude year 2011 and prepare for 2012. Here, I sincerely wish you, with enthusiastic spirit, leading your team to pass over year 2011 successfully and have a good rest with your family at year end.


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